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Enjoy this clip from #Gigantosaurus episode 9A where Tiny has woken up with a big case of the sillies! Tiny bumps into Giganto who is in a really bad mood as he has a toothache which is really Giganto-sore. Can your little one help Mazu and the others soothe Giganto's sore tooth? ✨ #DisneyJuniorUK

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Far, far away in a great Dinoland, four little friends make adventurous plans. Meet Mazu, Tiny, Bill and Rocky, four young dinosaurs who are exploring a prehistoric world of adventure. 🌴 ⛰️ 🦕

Dinosaur fans will love Gigantosuarus, an exciting and adventurous Disney Junior series. 🌋 Join Ankylosaurus Mazu, Triceratops Tiny, Brachiosaurus Bill and Parasaurolophus Rocky on their escapades as they play dodge ball during rock showers, swing on vines through the jungle and learn to stand up to the pesky Raptors. 🍃 Whether they're inventing new games, having overnight campouts or searching for treasure, the fun-loving foursome are always having a brilliant time together. 🌟

But it's not just silliness and games, as the friends also learn important life lessons along the way, such as how to be more independent, how to solve problems and to always look out for one another. 💚

However, the most exciting mystery of all for Mazu, Tiny, Bill and Rocky is Gigantosaurus, the biggest and fiercest dinosaur anyone has ever seen! 🦖

Join the young dinosaurs as they discover the importance of friendship and being true to yourself in the roar-some Gigantosuarus from Disney Junior.

Mazu is an Ankylosaurus. She is super smart and is known as the brains of the group. 📚 She is curious, inquisitive and will do anything for science. Problem-solving Mazu is always making traps and inventions and loves to learn more about the world around her. 🌋

Tiny is a playful Triceratops who loves having fun with her friends. She likes to have a giggle, enjoys being silly and is the joker of the gang. 🤣 However, despite her name, Tiny is actually the strongest member of the group. She also has a big heart and always offers good advice to her friends. ❤️ She loves being helpful and never says no to an adventure.

Bill is a Brachiosaurus, which means that his long neck makes him the prefect lookout! 🦕

However, Bill is the timid one of the group and likes to play it safe. Whether it's scary cracks in the land, being chased by dino-bees or just hearing the name 'Gigantosaurus', Bill has a lot to worry about. 🙈 However he knows that as long as he has his friends to help him, he'll be alright in the end.

Rocky is a Parasaurolophus, who is always ready for a challenge. 💪 He is courageous, daring and brave. He confronts any problems head-on and even thinks he could take on Gigantosaurus! 🦖 But while he likes to be known as the 'tough dino', Rocky also has a gentle side and always looks out for his friends.

Gigantosaurus is the biggest dinosaur in Dinoland. 🦖 He is super tall, has the longest tail and very sharp teeth. He also has the fiercest roar the dinosaur friends have ever heard. He is often crashing around in the jungle, while smaller dinosaurs beneath him run to safety. 🌴 He is a constant source of entertainment for Mazu, Tiny, Bill and Rocky.

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